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Decreasing Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections Essay

Urinary Tract Infections are one of the most widely recognized medical clinic gained contamination and many are related with an inhabiting catheter. For every day a catheter is set up the danger of building up a CAUTI increments 3%-7% (Kahnen, Flanders, and Magalong, 2011 ). Albeit inhabiting urinary catheters are generally utilized in hospitalized patients and can give a fitting methods for restorative administration, they are frequently utilized without clear signs putting the patient at a hazard for confusions during their hospitalization. Confusions identified with a urinary catheter incorporate physical and mental uneasiness to the patient, bladder calculi, renal irritation and most every now and again CAUTI (Bernard, Hunter, and Moore, 2012, 32(1)). Not exclusively does the urinary catheter cause complexities to the patient and put them at a higher hazard for horribleness and mortality they likewise increment the emergency clinic costs. In this way CAUTIs are considered by the Medicare and Medicaid Services to speak to a sensibly preventable intricacy of hospitalization and as such won't give any extra installment to clinics for CAUTI treatment (American Association of Critical Care Nurses, 2012). A lot of consideration has been put on improving nature of care and limiting preventable damages that are happening in the human services setting. With the entry of the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 and the usage of the Final Rule in October 2008 the CMS, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, will no longer compensation clinics for the extra expense of care coming about because of emergency clinic obtained conditions, for example, CAUTI (Palmer, Lee, and Wroe, 2013, 33(1)). Urinary tract contaminations can prompt bacteremia which can deliver fever, chills, disarray, hypotension and leukocytosis, however more truly can prompt the patient getting septic (Palmer, Lee, and Wroe, 2013, 33(1)). In excess of 13,000 passings happened in 2002 related with UTI and expanded the expenses of medical clinic visits by an extra $600 per CAUTI scene by expanding the length of the emergency clinic remain, tests required and anti-toxins managed (Meddings, Reichert, and Rogers, 2012). Guidelinesâ have been built up and CAUTI counteraction packs have been executed all through medical clinics to help in the decrease of CAUTI. These packs diagram a gathering of proof based mediations planned for diminishing by and large use of inhabiting urinary catheters, support opportune expulsion of catheters not, at this point clinically demonstrated, and portrays disease counteraction techniques to follow when catheters are set up (Kahnen, Flanders, and Magalong, 2011 ). Signs for utilization of an inhabiting catheter for a momentary period, which means under 30 days, incorporate urinary maintenance, hindrance of the urinary tract, close observing of the pee yield of fundamentally sick patients, urinary incontinence that represents an incredible hazard to the patient as a result of stage 3 or more prominent ulcer to the sacral region, and for comfort care of the at death's door persistent (Bernard, Hunter, and Moore, 2012, 32(1)). Despite the fact that there are rules to follow urinary catheters are frequently positioned for unseemly or ineffectively recorded reasons with aggregates near half not being required (Bernard, Hunter, and Moore, 2012, 32(1)). Most of pointless urinary catheters are set in the crisis office without a specialist request or if there is a request there is no documentation of the requirement for the catheter. This absence of reported method of reasoning has end up being a progressing issue. Different variables identifying with catheters are that the appraisal of the proceeded with requirement for the catheter is regularly disregarded and the catheters stay flawless without legitimate signs. Urinary catheters are frequently utilized for individual inclination of the nursing staff and even with the best nursing care, every day a catheter is available the hazard for contamination goes up 3%-10% (Burnett, Erikson, and Hunt, 2010). Proof based procedures are utilized to diminish the utilization of inhabiting urinary catheters. A portion of these systems are nurture driven and incorporate the charge attendant or staff nurture evaluating the requirement for the catheter after a timeframe and talking about with the specialist the finding or following a standing request for the catheter. Information was gathered on this procedure for a multi month time span and demonstrated that the dynamic intercession of day by day meeting and survey of the requirement for a catheter fundamentally diminished the quantity of inhabiting urinary catheter days out of every month just as the quantity of CAUTIs (Bernard, Hunter, and Moore, 2012, 32(1)). Another examination as indicated by Fakih et al. (2008) usedâ quasi-test plan that utilized medical attendant drove multidisciplinary adjusts. The medical attendants were given training rules on the signs for urinary catheters dependent on proposals by the CDC, Centers for Disease Cont rol and Prevention (Fakih, 2008). During the day by day adjusts of the medical attendant if there were no signs for the proceeded with utilization of the catheter the attendant would contact the doctor for a request to suspend. This procedure definitely diminished the quantity of days the catheter was utilized and furthermore the level of catheters being used (Fakih, 2008). As per the American Association of Critical Care nurture the normal act of a medical attendant to decrease CAUTIs is that preceding the arrangement of the catheter evaluate the patient for any acknowledged signs and options, cling to aseptic procedure for position and upkeep of the catheter, archive all examples of the catheter including the inclusion date, sign and evacuation date. Medical caretakers ought to likewise quickly cease the urinary catheter when the signs terminate. So as to follow the best practice there ought to be composed rules for the catheter including signs and that solitary patients meeting these necessities have urinary catheters set (American Association of Critical Care Nurses, 2012). Have accessible in the office gadgets, supplies, and strategies that permit elective courses (American Association of Critical Care Nurses, 2012). A few different activities are suggested, for example, looking into every day the requirement for the catheter, create frameworks to guarantee brief evacuation of the catheters, execute contamination reconnaissance projects to quantify the days and paces of CAUTI, and build up an activity intend to address required enhancements (American Association of Critical Care Nurses, 2012). Observation information recommends that 4.5 out of 100 hospitalized patients get medical clinic obtained contaminations with 32% of them having a urinary tract source related with a catheter (Meddings, Reichert, and Rogers, 2012). One appraisal made in the examination was that clinics with higher CAUTI rates might not have a higher frequency of CAUTI than another revealing medical clinic they may make a superior showing recording the consequences of inhabiting catheter use. By 2015, paces of clinic obtained occasions will be utilized to report emergency clinics exhibitions and think about them across the nation causing a decrease in the paymentsâ made by Medicaid. References American Association of Critical Care Nurses. (2012). Cathter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections. AACN Bold Voices, 13. Bernard, M., Hunter, K., and Moore, K. (2012, 32(1)). Audit of methodologies to diminish the span of inhabiting urethral catheters and decrease the occurrence of catheter related UTI. Urologic Nursing, 29-37. Burnett, K., Erikson, D., and Hunt, A. (2010). Systems to keep Urinary Tract Infection from Urinary Catheter Insertion in the Emergency Department . Diary of Emergency Medicine, 546-550. Fakih, M. D. (2008). Impacts of medical caretaker drove multidisciplinary adjusts on decreasing the pointless utilization of urinary catherizations inhospitalized patients. Contamination control and medical clinic the study of disease transmission, 815-819. Kahnen, D., Flanders, S., and Magalong, T. (2011 ). CAUTI: Making them Matter. Foundation of Medical Surgical Nurses, 4-7. Meddings, J., Reichert, H., and Rogers, M. (2012). Impacts of delinquency for emergency clinic gaine d CAUTI. American College of Physicians, 305-312. Palmer, J., Lee, G., and Wroe, P. (2013, 33(1)). Counting Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections in the 2008 CMS Payment Policy: A Qualitative Analysis. Urologic Nursing, 15-24.

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Benefits of Electronic Medical Records

Advantages of Electronic Medical Records Stephanie Fine HCS/490 December 5, 2011 Cindy Perkins Benefits of Electronic Medical Records * â€Å"In 1972, the Regenstreif Institute built up the main clinical records system† (Unknown, History of Electronic Medical Records, 2011, Para. 3). From that point forward, social insurance offices the country over are starting to see the advantages that electronic clinical records have on both human services suppliers and patients too. This paper will talk about the advantages of electronic clinical records for patients just as one angle identifying with the qualities and significance of keeping up secrecy when utilizing this method of correspondence. This paper will give in any event one explanation this mode is a powerful methods for correspondence among customers and suppliers and clarify how this method of correspondence varies from others. At long last, this paper will show how media and person to person communication change correspondence in medicinal services just as how electronic clinical records can be utilized to showcase human services items or administrations. In spite of the fact that there are numerous advantages for patients and Electronic clinical records this paper will concentrate on the best three. The principal advantage would be that â€Å"Electronic clinical records (EMR’s) help improve the consideration of patients and lessen clinical mistakes in doctors’ offices† (Hucke stein, 2011, Para. 1). This is on the grounds that the entirety of a patients clinical records are kept in one spot and got to through a made sure about online interface by any supplier that the patient must see. This leave less space for blunders because of implicit data that can be basic to the patient however neglected to state to the supplier, for example, hypersensitivities, meds, and past analyses. The subsequent advantage would be the straightforward entry. Most social insurance offices that utilization electronic clinical records use e-solutions too. â€Å"Prescriptions are electronically sent legitimately to drug stores and are fit to be gotten after the workplace visit† (Huckestein, 2011, Para. 5). This assists with eliminating time and eroors made in quiet prescriptions. Alongside snappy medicine benefits the patient doesn't generally need to hang tight for the doctor’s office to open to demand data from their suppliers. â€Å"Patients may likewise have the option to demand referrals, medicines tops off, and arrangements through the Internet from their physicians’ offices† (Huckestein, 2011, Para. 5). The third advantage of electronic clinical records for patients is the solace of realizing that their clinical records are remained careful , secure , and will never be lost. Keeping these records electronically, particularly in the situations where patients can likewise access them, implies the patient won't be left without the records she may need† (Torrey, 2011, Para. 7). This is particularly ameliorating to have if the wellbeing office were happen to close or leave buisness. The patient realizes that the person will in any case have every vital record to proceed with the human services that the person needs. * While simple entry is significant, security of electronic clinical records is similarly as significant. Wellbeing suppliers are required to maintain all HIPAA laws inside the workplace just as electronically. It is significant that human services staff as well as patients too keep all passwords and client data to themselves and never uncover security data with others. This assists with guaranteeing that all clinical data is remained careful and liberated from fraud and different wrongdoings including sharing or delighting clinical data to any individual who isn't approved to see it. One explanation this mode is a successful methods for correspondence among customers and suppliers the simple entry to every single clinical record in case of a crisis circumstance. At the point when a patient is well or seeing a supplier for non crisis circumstances they can give precise data expected to help stay up with the latest. This information is kept in a similar record and used to help the patient in case of a crisis that maybe the patient can't talk or advise the wellbeing suppliers regarding the ir clinical history, meds, or potentially sickness or diseases they may have. Probably, snappy access to our records can be lifesaving if a crisis happens and replies to those inquiries are required during the crisis dynamic process† (Torrey, 2011). This can be exceptionally valuable if the patient happened to be on an extended get-away or away. It can â€Å"Provide a solitary, shareable, cutting-edge, precise, quickly retrievable wellspring of data, possibly accessible anyplace at any time† (Unknown, Electronic Medical Records, Electronic Health Records †¦ , 2011, Para. 12). * It is evident that electronic clinical records are gainful and not quite the same as some other mode f correspondence. This is on the grounds that it is an immediate connection between both the supplier and the patients. It is additionally set up to in any case be accessible paying little mind to a grievous occasion, for example, 911. Paper documents, fax, and telephone messages can be pulve rized in a flood or fire however electronic clinical records are setting down deep roots. â€Å"Large scale EMR frameworks reproduce their put away records in a few places the nation over so one grievous occasion won't wreck them† (Torrey, 2011, Para. 4). * Another zone that can be profited by electronic clinical records is medicinal services item and specialist organizations. Much the same as the advertisements one may discover on informal communities like face book and MySpace, promotions for social insurance items and administrations can be place on the online interfaces that patients and suppliers use to get their electronic clinical records. On the patient side, the patients can see new and up and coming human services items that they can examine with their suppliers to help with clinical issues. They can likewise observe administration advertisements for destinations, for example, Web MD and the Mayo Clinic that help answer different inquiries they may have in regards to more beneficial ways of life and other data. On the supplier side, there could be advertisements on new prescriptions and medication reps that can enable them to choose what drugs they might want to recommend in their office. taking everything into account, electronic clinical records are a tremendous advance forward in the human services world for the two suppliers and patients. This paper has examined the advantages of electronic clinical records for patients just as one viewpoint identifying with the qualities and significance of keeping up secrecy when utilizing this method of correspondence. This paper has given three reasons this mode is a viable methods for correspondence among buyers and suppliers and clarified how this method of correspondence contrasts from others. At long last, this paper has demonstrated how media and person to person communication change correspondence in medicinal services just as how electronic clinical records can be utilized to showcase social insurance items or administrations. * References Huckestein, D. (2011). Patients Benefit from Electronic Medical Records. Recovered from IHA: http://www. ihacares. com/list. cfm/news-room/patients-advantage from-electronic-clinical records/Torrey, T. 2011, April 11). The Benefits of Electronic Medical Records (EMRs). Recovered from About. com: http://patients. about. com/od/electronicpatientrecords/an/EMRbenefits. htm Unknown. (2011, September 14). Electronic Medical Records, Electronic Health Records †¦ . Recovered from Open Clinical: http://www. openclinical. organization/emr. html Unknown. (2011 ). History of Electronic Medical Records. Recovered from http://www. nasbhc. organization/atf/cf/%7BCD9949F2-2761-42FB-BC7A-CEE165C701D9%7D/TA_HIT_history%20of%20EMR. pdf *

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Legacy of a Media Storyteller

Legacy of a Media Storyteller [by Leila Kinney, Administrator for Academic Programs, Comparative Media Studies] On Friday, June 20th, Media Lab alumni and colleagues gathered to recognize and remember Glorianna Davenports 30-years of research and teaching at MIT. Above: Glorianna Davenport of the Media Labs Media Fabrics group. I am a media junkie, Glorianna announced in her own remarks, not in the sense of consuming media out there but in her reliance upon using media to understand what people see and experience. She characterizes media makers as improvisational collectors, who use their collections to construct new stories to share with others. Storytelling, particularly in an expanded, technically enhanced framework; tools and systems that make film and video more accessible to more people and easier to personalize and share; and advancing media as a process of discovery, particularly for young people, in formal and informal educational settingsthese are the themes that have animated her work over the years. Davenport was first drawn to MIT by Ed Pincus and Richard Leacock, whose Film section welcomed anyone serious about making films, no matter their affiliation; it was a golden era when faculty didnt have to answer to anybody. She particularly wanted to work with the technology they had developedsuper8 film and synchedsound with modified mass-produced camerasas a much cheaper alternative to 16mm. Soon thereafter she collaborated with the photographer William Eggleston, an early experimenter with color negative film, who eventually came to MIT to research color video. Meanwhile, Naim June Paik dropped by, declared video a phenomenon comparable to solar energy and described his efforts to devise a personal editing machine. Davenport went on to found the Interactive Cinema Group at the Media Lab in 1985. They quickly left behind notions of single-person filming techniques and delved into an amazing array of projects aimed at stretching the visual capacities of storytelling, creating narrative networks from multiple points of view, and developing novel digital interfaces that disrupted the traditional role of audiences as passive recipients of a meaningful message constructed by a single author. The various descriptive tags for these activities signal the extent of experimentation, as Davenport and scores of graduate students created elastic documentaries and highly distributed motion video stories while devising technologies for collaborative co-construction. The Media Labs distinctive culture enabled lots of cross-fertilization with other research, for example with Muriel Coopers Visible Language workshop, which was exploring how the computer and artificial intelligence could transform traditional grap hic design and design decisions and, increasingly, with Seymour Paperts exploration of how computers can profoundly change learning. As the Media Fabrics group succeeded Interactive Cinema, it focused more and more on how to incorporate video into kids learning, allowing them to create and learn through active engagement with their own worlds, and on making really simple tools and systems for people to personalize video, build archives, and share stories in multiple media formats. Its hard to do justice to the many projects that were presented by some twenty alumnisome of whom are now educators, others serial entrepreneurs of social media platforms, and still others creators of the next wave of cinematic transformationin video games, gestural interfaces, and physical feedback loops embedded in media properties. Who would have predicted that a bunch of cinemaphiles at the Media Lab, alltoo capable of producing the most user-friendly defying, complex new technologies, would at the same time embrace the collective goal of radically democratizing media production, so that the full potential of what Henry Jenkins calls participatory culture can be realized? For this, former students again and again thanked Glorianna for her insistence on the central, pervasive, and infinitely expandable impulse to tell stories and share them with others. Even though she will no longer be accepting graduate students at The Media Lab, fortunately for MIT, Glorianna Davenport will be back. In the spring semester, 2009, she will teach a new undergraduate course for Comparative Media Studies, CMS.405: Media and Methods, Seeing and Expression. Stay tuned.

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Biography of Kim Jong-un North Korean Dictator

Kim Jong-un (reportedly born January 8, 1984) is a North Korean politician who in 2011 became the third Supreme Leader of North Korea upon the death of his father and second leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-il. In his capacity as Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-un is also Supreme Commander of the North Korean military and Chairman of the ruling Workers’ Party of Korea (KWP). While he has been credited with some positive reforms, Kim continues to be accused of human rights violations and brutal suppression of political opposition. He has also expanded North Korea’s nuclear missile program despite international objections.   Fast Facts: Kim Jung-un Full Name: Kim Jung-unKnown For: Dictatorial reign as Supreme Leader of North Korea  Born: January 8, 1984, in North KoreaParents: Kim Jong-il and Ko Young-huiSiblings: Kim Jong-chul (brother), Kim Yo-jong (sister)Education: Kim Il-sung University and Kim Il-sung Military UniversityKey Accomplishments:Became just the third leader of North Korea in 2011Brought reform to North Korea’s economy and social cultureExpanded North Korea’s nuclear missile development program  Spouse: Ri Sol-juKnown Children: Kim Ju-ae (daughter, born in 2010) Early Life and Education Like other North Korean government figures, many details of Kim Jong-un’s early life are shrouded in secrecy and must be based on statements from the state-controlled North Korean media or generally-accepted knowledge.   According to the US Treasury Department, Kim Jong-un was born in North Korea on January 8, 1984, to Kim Jong-il, the second leader of the country until his death in 2011, and Ko Young-hui, an opera singer. He is also the grandson of Kim Il-sung, the first leader of North Korea from 1948 to 1994.   Kim Jong-un is believed to have two siblings, including his older brother Kim Jong-chul born in 1981, and his younger sister and Director of the Workers’ Party Department of Propaganda and Agitation, Kim Yo-jong, born in 1987. He also had an older half-brother, Kim Jong-nam. All of the children reportedly spent their childhoods living with their mother in Switzerland. South Korean protesters shout slogans beside pictures of North Korean leader Kim Jong-il (L) and a boy (R), believed to be the leaders third son Jong-un, during a rally denouncing North Koreas missile threat, in Seoul on February 19, 2009.   UNG YEON-JE / Getty Images Details of Kim Jong-un’s early education are varied and disputed. However, it is believed that from 1993 to 2000, he attended various preparatory schools in Switzerland, registering under false names and identities for security purposes. Most sources suggest that from 2002 to 2007, Jong-un attended Kim Il-sung University and Kim Il-sung Military University in Pyongyang. He reportedly earned a degree in physics from Kim Il-sung University and was commissioned as an army officer at the military school. Ascension to Power It had long been assumed that Kim Jong-un’s eldest half-brother, Kim Jong-nam would succeed Kim Jong-il. However, Kim Jong-nam reportedly lost his father’s trust in 2001 when he tried to enter Japan on a fake passport.   By 2009, hints emerged that Kim Jong-il had chosen Kim Jong-un as the â€Å"Great Successor† to follow him as Supreme Leader. In April 2009, Kim was named chairman of the powerful National Defense Commission and was being referred to as â€Å"Brilliant Comrade.† By September 2010, Kim Jong-un had been named head of the State Security Department and four-star general of the Army. During 2011, it became clear that Kim Jong-un would succeed his father.   South Korean newspapers carry front-page stories of Kim Jong-Un, the youngest son of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il, in Seoul on October 1, 2010. Secretive North Korea finally put its heir apparent on show to the world releasing a photograph of a serious-faced Kim Jong-Un seated close to his ailing father Kim Jong-Il.   JUNG YEON-JE / Getty Images Soon after Kim Jong-il died on December 17, 2011, Kim Jong-Un was declared Supreme Leader, then an unofficial title that publicly established his status as head of both the North Korean government and military. Not yet 30 years of age, he had become the third leader of his country and commander of the world’s fourth largest army. Domestic and Foreign Policy   Upon taking power, Kim Jong-un announced his strategy for the future of North Korea, emphasizing a major revamping of its economy along with the expansion of its military capabilities. The central committee of the KWP endorsed the plan in 2013. Economic Reforms Kim Jong-un’s so-called â€Å"May 30th measures,† is a comprehensive set of economic reforms that, in part, gives businesses â€Å"certain rights to engage in business activities† without prior government approval as long as those activities benefit the â€Å"socialist distribution system† and help improve the nation’s standard of living. These reforms have also been credited with a rapid increase in agricultural production, greater availability of domestically produced consumer goods, and greater revenue from international trade. Under Kim’s reforms, the capital city of Pyongyang has seen a construction boom focused on modern office space and housing rather than monuments to the past. Unheard of during the rule of his father or grandfather, Kim Jong-un’s government has allowed and encouraged the construction of amusement and aquatic parks, skating rinks, and ski resorts.   Nuclear Weapons Policy Kim Jong-un continued and expanded North Korea’s highly-criticized nuclear weapons programs started under his father, Kim Jong-il. In defiance of long-established international sanctions, the young dictator oversaw a series of underground nuclear tests and test flights of medium and long-range missiles. In November 2016, an unarmed North Korean Hwasong-15 long-range missile climbed 2,800 miles above the ocean before splashing down off the coast of Japan. Though criticized as a direct provocation by the world community, Kim proclaimed the test showed that North Korea had â€Å"finally realized the great historic cause of completing the state nuclear force.† This undated picture released by North Koreas official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) on September 3, 2017 shows North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un (C) looking at a metal casing with two bulges at an undisclosed location. North Korea has developed a hydrogen bomb which can be loaded into the countrys new intercontinental ballistic missile, the official Korean Central News Agency claimed on September 3. Questions remain over whether nuclear-armed Pyongyang has successfully miniaturised its weapons, and whether it has a working H-bomb, but KCNA said that leader Kim Jong-Un had inspected such a device at the Nuclear Weapons Institute.   AFP Contributor / Getty Images On November 20, 2017, U.S. President Donald Trump officially designated North Korea as a state sponsor of terrorism. In January 2018, U.S. intelligence agencies estimated that under Kim Jong-un, North Korea’s nuclear arsenal had grown to include from 15 to 60 warheads and that its long-range missiles could strike targets anywhere in the United States.   Leadership Style   Kim Jong-un’s leadership style has been described as dictatorial as highlighted by the suppression of dissent and opposition. Upon taking power, he reportedly ordered the execution of as many as 80 senior officials carried over from his father’s regime.   One of the best-documented examples of Kim’s â€Å"purges† was the execution of his own uncle, Jang Song-thaek, an influential person during Kim Jong-il’s rule and one of Kim Jong-un’s own closest advisers. Arrested on suspicion of treason and plotting a coup, Jang was tried and executed on December 12, 2013. Members of his family were reported to have been similarly executed. In February 2017, Kim’s half-brother Kim Jong-nam died under unusual circumstances in Malaysia. Reports indicate he was poisoned by multiple suspects at the Kuala Lumpur airport. Living in exile for many years, Kim Jong-nam had been a vocal critic of his half-brother’s regime. In February 2014, a United Nations commission of inquiry recommended that Kim Jong-un be tried for crimes against humanity before the International Criminal Court. In July 2016, the United States Department of the Treasury imposed personal financial sanctions on Kim. While Kim’s abuse of human rights was cited as the reason, Treasury officials stated at the time that the sanctions were intended to hinder North Korea’s nuclear missile program.  Ã‚   Lifestyle and Family Life   Many details of Kim Jong-un’s flamboyant lifestyle come from his father’s personal sushi chef Kenji Fujimoto. According to Fujimoto, Kim prefers expensive imported cigarettes, whisky, and luxury cars. Fujimoto recalls an incident when a then 18-year old Kim Jong-un questioned his family’s lavish lifestyle. â€Å"We are here, playing basketball, riding horses, riding jet skis, having fun together,† said Kim. â€Å"But what of the lives of the average people?† Former US basketball player Dennis Rodman shows pictures of him reportedly with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un to media as he arrives at Beijing International Airport on September 7, 2013.   WANG ZHAO / Getty Images Kim’s fixation with the sport of basketball is well known. In 2013, he met for the first time with U.S. professional basketball star Dennis Rodman. Rodman described Kim’s private island as being â€Å"like Hawaii or Ibiza, but hes the only one that lives there.† Kim Jong-un married Ri Sol-ju in 2009. According North Korean state media, the marriage had been arranged by Kim’s father in 2008. In 2010, state media reported that the couple had given birth to a child. After his 2013 visit with Kim, Dennis Rodman reported that they had at least one child, a daughter named Kim Ju-ae.  Ã‚   Sources and Further Reference Moore, Malcolm. â€Å"Kim Jong-un: a profile of North Koreas next leader.† The Daily Telegraph. (June 2009).  Choi, David. â€Å"We finally know the age of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.† Business Insider (2016).Madden, Michael. â€Å"North Korea’s New Propagandist?† 38North. (August 14, 2015).â€Å"Kim Jong-un Loves Nukes, Computer Games and Johnny Walker.† The Chosun Ilbo. (2010)Wells, Tom. â€Å"He loves Beatles, menthol cigs .. and longs for muscles like Van Damme.† The UK Sun. (2013).Cho, Joohe. â€Å"Rodman Worms His Way Into Kim Jong-un Meeting.† ABC News. (2013).â€Å"North Korea leader Kim Jong-un married to Ri Sol-ju.† BBC News. (2012).â€Å"Kim Jung-un ‘Has a Little Daughter.’† Chosun Ilbo. (2013).

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A Life Full of Snails Free Essays

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Question: Discuss about the Role of Compensation for Compensation and Benefit. Answer: Introduction Compensation and reward are the crucial and global parts of the management procedure in every enterprise. In order to achieve their objectives, missions and to maximising their return on investment, an organisation provides compensation or rewards to their employees or workers. The company uses the rewards to motivate their employees and increase their productivity. The organisation should consider the requirement and need of its employees before implementing a reward strategy. This report will discuss regarding the role of rewards in modern organisation of the United Arab Emirates. Effective Compensation Strategy An effective reward system is not just increasing the salaries of employees; instead, the company should adopt a compensation policy based on their unique work culture. Various factors influence a compensation strategy such as bonuses, benefits, non-monetary advantages, learning opportunity and career safety. An effective reward system can enhance the performance of an organisation. Many companies believe that monetary rewards are enough for the satisfaction of employees, but those rewards do not provide job satisfaction; instead, they are effective in achieving short objectives. Abraham Maslow is known for his hierarchy of needs theory in psychology. The theory helps ascertains the various stages of human motivation. Monetary compensation only satisfies the two basic desires of Maslows Hierarchy theory which are physiological and safety. Other three needs of employees, including love, esteem, and self-actualization, can only be achieved by an effective compensation and reward policy. Modern organisations throughout the United Arab Emirates have adopted this approach in their organisation, in order to provide compensation to their employees (Abraham 2012). Role of Reward System Rewards are used by the management in order to motivate their employees. There are two types of rewards, first is Extrinsic and second is Intrinsic. The extrinsic rewards include salary raise, bonus and other monetary rewards. The intrinsic rewards include non-monetary compensations such as public appraisal or self-worth (Reddy 2016). It helps in motivating employees to perform better increase their efficiency, so they can deliver desired results. The company can enhance the productivity or satisfaction of their employees by providing them compensations or rewards. An effective reward system increases the loyalty of employees towards their organisation. The intrinsic rewards benefit employees by enhancing their self-esteem. The dedication of employees could be achieved by adopting an effective compensation policy. The organisation retention or recruitment process depends heavily on their compensation policies. The reward system should be fair towards all the workers. An organisation should adopt their compensation plan after researching their employees requirements (Barhem, Younis Younis 2010). UAE Compensation Policies The modern organisation of the United Arab Emirates, use their compensation policies to increase the productivity and efficiency of their employees. The giant companies such as GASCO, a gas company from Abu Dhabi, have implemented a specific reward system for their employees after researching their requirements. The company uses CAMS method to evaluate their employees by asking them questions regarding their job, cases happened at the workplace and their performance skills, to create personal development plans for employees (Shatat, El-Baz Hariga 2010). The other methods used by the modern organisation include compensation based on the performance of workers. Many companies monitor the progress of their employees and reward them for their achievements. The Emirates group conduct a survey on their workers, at the end of the year, to know about the level of job satisfaction, quarries, and ideas regarding the jobs. The company forms their compensation plan based on their employees requirements and desires. A modern organisation focused on intrinsic reward approaches to motivate their employees in order to achieve overall growth and job satisfaction. A research conducted by Ahmed (2015), on the companies of Malaysia and UAE proved that the employees of UAE organisations prefer intrinsic rewards, such as power in the workplace, certificate or further training and education opportunities. Etisalat Company provides several benefits to their employees such as health, life, accidental and retirement insurance. Other benefits include diversity programs, personal developments, legal assistance and free lunch or snacks. The benefits increase the trust and satisfaction of the employees of Etisalat. These policies help companies in gaining a competitive advantage over its competitors as well (Etisalat Employees Benefits and Perks 2017). Conclusion From the above report, it can be concluded that numerous modern organisation of the United Arab Emirates uses compensation and reward policy to enhance the productivity and satisfaction of their employees. The reward policy should be prepared based on specific requirement of the employees. These systems help in companys growth and provide them a competitive advantage over its competitors. References Abraham, S. (2012). Development of employee engagement programme on the basis of employee satisfaction survey.Journal of Economic Development, Management, IT, Finance, and Marketing,4(1), 27. Ahmed, S. (2015). 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